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What are your fees?

As with most 100% commission real estate brokerages, we do charge a transaction fee. Every JPAR® office has a unique and competitive 100% commission plan with low ongoing fees. Contact your local JPAR® office to learn more about the fees in your area.

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Do you provide leads?

Yes, we have several options including OpCity and buyer/seller lead generation through your customizable agent website and seller landing page. What we focus on is teaching you how to generate your own leads and keep 100% of your money. We provide the tools to do that.

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How do I refer an agent?

If you're currently a JPAR® agent just click the Refer an Agent button & build your link to share with any other agent to get credit for bringing on a new JPAR® agent!

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Do you have a CRM and what does it do?

Yes, within the CRM you can easily manage your contacts, build your website, and lead generate through systems like newsletters, email campaigns, property alerts, landing pages, SMS lead capture, and more.

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What is the process to join and how long does it take?

The process is simple and can take less than 2 hours if you are ready. You will submit your information, sign a few documents, and then request sponsorship at your local board.

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Do you allow teams?

Yes, JPAR® is the home to some of the most productive real estate teams in the country. Our cap structure is team friendly, our centralized support and training enable team leaders to be more efficient, and we have a number of tools that brokers can use.

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Do you offer support, and do I have someone available for help?

Yes, we have support available 7 days per week and other weekly support opportunities that you can always join through the JPAR® OneStop Hub Calendar.

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What kind of training do you offer?

We have training from A-Z with over 100 live trainings offered every month and several pre-recorded training libraries. Live and on demand trainings are all housed in our very own system called JPAR® OneStop Hub, new agents can take advantage of our mentorship program, and seasoned agents have a number of coaching opportunities available.

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Do you have a productivity standard? What happens if I fall short?

Most JPAR® offices enforce a productivity standard to ensure that our agents are meeting their full potential as a real estate professional. The most important thing for us is your success as an agent. If you are struggling, we will discuss options from Mentorship, Growth Teams, Traditional Teams, and even 1-on-1 coaching. The important thing is if you want to be successful in Real Estate, we will work with you to achieve that.

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What are the JPAR® offices like?

JPAR® offices are created and furnished to be locations you would be proud to bring your clients to and meet with. They feature beautiful decor and are consistent with the JPAR® Brand. Most offices have conference rooms, private offices, open workspaces, coffee for you and your guests, and fast Wi-Fi. Your local JPAR® office is beautifully designed and available to you at no extra charge. Click the button on the right to virtually tour one of our offices

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